Villa Mango

Scandinavian and tropical modernism This luxury vacation rental located in Santa Teresa, Puntarenas is a blend of textures, contrast. The natural teak represent the most of the house, modern decor feel warm and inviting. It emphasizes clean lines, objects appear to be simple overall, but with details and textures, creating balance between simplicity and complexity.… Continue reading Villa Mango

Nala Boutique Studios

Contemporary + minimalist Nala boutique studios reflects the inspiration in the natural elements of flora & fauna of the region and at the same time connects visitors with the earth through natural surfaces and earthy tones that manage to blend with the architectural style. Clean-lined furniture combine with rough and natural textures create the perfect… Continue reading Nala Boutique Studios

Pelada Bonita Villas

A contemporary & Bohemian Lifestyle Located in one of the most vibrant and colorful places in Costa Rica, Pelada Bonita encompasses an eclectic aesthetic full of patterns and textures. Each element has been selected to create a relaxed look specially designed to give a more friendly and warm feeling. Photography by Pineapple labs.


Beach Club, Peninsula Papagayo

The bohemian lifestyle led to a new experience Located in the Papagayo peninsula, this renewed space is located within the Prieta Beach Club. The main idea behind this project was to refurbish the area that held the sunset bar in order to create a unique location for partners and investors.    The new interior design… Continue reading Manglar

Casa Ceiba

Mediterranean style with bohemian influences Located next to the Playa Pelada Reserve in Nosara, Casa Ceiba is an interior design project infused with tropical influences, an eclectic natural texture mix and a minimalistic intention. The purpose behind this endeavor was to honor the simplicity and beauty of small details.

Satori Bubble Hotel

The four natural elements taken to a whole new level of conceptualization Located next to the Playa Pelada Reserve in Nosara, Satori Bubbles is an interior design project inspired by the 4 natural elements and Fibonacci sequences. Each element finds itself represented by means of textures, materials and colors. Earth, water, air and fire complement… Continue reading Satori Bubble Hotel

Casa Valencia

A modern chic beach house Located in Playa Langosta, Tamarindo, this refurbishing project for Airbnb Plus was inspired by the warmth feeling of wood. Each piece reflects nature, every element conveys a feeling of organic effortlessness. Neutral colors, rough fabrics and clean minimalistic surfaces combine impeccably to create a modern yet cozy ambiance.

Selina Nosara

A design that evokes balance and symbiosis with our surroundings “Blue tribe” Hospitality project located in Nosara, Guanacaste. Taking inspiration from the surroundings of the deep jungle of this area, combined with Bohemian artsy murals create an unique atmosphere. Pastel palettes in accents, mixed it with natural materials. Photography Agustin Muñoz

Selina Lima

“The heart of art in the middle of the city” Hospitality project located in Miraflores Lima, Peru. This country means color to us. We create a niche in down town Miraflores full of art + treasures and curated handcrafted details with an eclectic line. Artistic revolutionary free spirit.

Selina Granada

In the middle of the colonial city of Granada, Selina’s relaxed design stands out. Hospitality project located in Granada, Nicaragua. Eclectic style, mixing different visual elements with a fusion of modern and traditional. There’s not rules or structure, we wanted it to create personality with the collection of elements.   Photography Budakon